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Ireland is one of the main places the ancient Gaelic language is still spoken.  Get an introduction in our language lessons.

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Lesson Introduction

People Speaking Gaelic in 2010

Our language lessons are an introduction to Irish Gaelic.  Just a toe in the proverbial water.   Kieran O'Mahony shows why words seem to sound so much different than they look, teaches some basic words, greetings, time, and common phrases, along with the meanings behind common place names in Ireland. 

Appropriate for:

Highschool students and above

Prep work:

Print or download the handout

  • ABC's/Sounds

  • Simple Words

  • Numbers

  •  Telling Time 

  •  Phrases 

  • Signs/Places

Lesson One - The alphabet & Sounds

Handouts & Downloads

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The world is rich in diversity of culture.  In the United States, there is a meeting of many cultures and the ones people came from can be forgotten over generations.  

We strive to preserve Celtic heritage for American's of Celtic descent so they may be connected to the threads of their past, present, and future.

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