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The next best thing to going to Ireland yourself?

Being transported for a few minutes via video!

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For more information on Monastic Sites and Monasteries on Ireland, click on the links below. 

Short history from
Early Christian Sites in Ireland 
Library Ireland - Monasteries
History of the Irish Church
A list of Abbeys, Friaries, and Priories - wonderful detailed descriptions, floor plans and photographs, but not all inclusive

List of Monastic Sites in all of Ireland - we do not typically link to Wikipedia, but this list is the most comprehensive we have found.

For more information on the bodhran or the bands featured,  click on the links below.

History & Information

Beginning Instructional Video

Crooked Jacks band page

New Shilling band page

For more information on Irish dancing, click on the links below.

History of Irish Dance

Seattle Irish Dancers

World Irish Dance Association

For more information on the Uilleann pipes,  click on the links below.

Tara Music

UNESCO - Intangible Cultural Heritage

For more information on the Irish bands featured, click on the links below.

Coming Up Threes


Crooked Jacks

Vignettes around Ireland

There are so many place to explore in Ireland!!  Click on the tabs below for specific locations, or watch the 45 minute journey below. 

  • Arran Islands

  • Bunratty

  • The Burren

  • Clon Macnoise

  • Dublin

  • Galway

  • Knocknarea

  • Newgrange

  • NW Coast

  • Rock of Cashel

  • Slieve Gullion

  • Slieve League

  • SW Coast

  • Wicklow

Arran Islands



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