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Through Time & Magic

An Irish Adventure Book

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Four children wake up one morning to find themselves back in time and in another country:  Ireland.  In order for the magic to transport them home, they must embark on an epic journey.  With the help of the Wolfhound and Irish faeries, the four friends discover the magic of Ireland and within themselves.

Through Time & Magic makes learning about the science aspects of Ireland fun.  Follow four grade-school friends as they discover the different types of rocks, geography, flora and fauna of Ireland.

"Interesting, informational, a story that will keep your attention. I felt like I knew the characters.   I think my friends would like this book, especially if it was something we could have read in school instead of boring books. Teachers don’t always make geography fun, and this book did."

Nevi T.  5th grade


Over 75 activities accompany the book!  Go to the Education Modules Page and click the Book tab for details!

Video Reading

Native speaker, Kieran O'Mahony, reads Through Time & Magic bringing the book to life with pictures and videos from Ireland.  The video below is the entire book, start to finish, and is about and hour and twenty minutes. To watch individual chapters, scroll down.

Individual Video Chapters

  • Prologue

  • Day 1

  • Day 2

  • Day 3

  • Day 4

  • Day 5

  • Day 6

  • Day 7

  • Day 8

  • Day 9

  • Day 10

  • Day 11

  • Day 12

  • Day 13

  • Day 14 & Epilogue


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The world is rich in diversity of culture.  In the United States, there is a meeting of many cultures and the ones people came from can be forgotten over generations.  

We strive to preserve Celtic heritage for American's of Celtic descent so they may be connected to the threads of their past, present, and future.

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