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Our Education Modules make learning fun!  Incorporate math, science, arts, physical activities and more while learning about Ireland and its heritage.

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Appropriate for:

Upper grade school children:  can be modified for different age groups

Prep work:

10-60 min +printing (depends on how many components of the module are used

Classroom time:

30 min - 2 hours (more if in-classroom projects are included)


Every module includes additional projects for individuals, small groups, entire class and can be assigned for classroom or homework.

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Individual Modules

  • Legends

  • Historical Overview

  • Bunratty Castle

  • Dance Lesson

  • St. Patrick

  • Book Activities

Irish Legends

A high level overview of the most famous Irish Legends starting with an Ancient Goddess moving through the 5th Century. Learn where Ireland's faeries come from, how Giants Causeway was created, why swans are protected in Ireland and much more.

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Narrated Video

Additional visuals, native speaker narration; Time:  10:15; Click bottom right box for full screen

Projection/Full Color

For projection or TV/computer screen, full color

Teacher  Master

White background, two pictures per slide

Student Handout

White background, two pictures per slide


We strive to maintain our educational modules with 100% accuracy, but sometimes we miss something.  

If you see anything that needs updating, or simply have a question, please let us know!

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The world is rich in diversity of culture.  In the United States, there is a meeting of many cultures and the ones people came from can be forgotten over generations.  

We strive to preserve Celtic heritage for American's of Celtic descent so they may be connected to the threads of their past, present, and future.

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