Irish Card Game

Seanchaí (pron. shan-a-kee) means:

Bearer of Old Lore.

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Go on an adventure into Ireland's past and see where it takes you!

Multiple variations in one box! Build strategy as each variation is added. Match cards in suits to collect points and scéalta (pron. shcale-ta: stories in Gaelic). Discard or play a dark mythology card against your opponent, its special ability in your control. Save cards to counter their attacks. Use Shamrocks to extend turns! and don't forget about the Leprechaun and Faery as wild cards with magic powers!

Wonderful fun immersed in the culture and country of Ireland.

Seanchai is suitable for kids age 12+ all the way to adults at 88!

We also have a children's version starting at 5 (in the same box!)

(pron. shan-a-kee: Bearer of Old Lore)

"Game is Excellent! Seanchaí is a really unique experience, fast game play, deep layers, and has a very high replay value."
 Frank Zuzanis

"It was really easy to learn.
Its fun and plays really fast."
Lauren D. Age 12

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We strive to preserve Celtic heritage for Americans of Celtic descent so they may be connected to the threads of their past, present, and future.

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