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Discover the Bretons

Brittany is the only Celtic nation on mainland Europe.  It is located on the far west of France 


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The all-famous French crepe actually originated in Brittany sometime in the 12th or 13th century.  Folklore stated that a housewife spilled some buckwheat porridge on a hot skillet and the crepe was born.  Although almost all cultures have a flat pancake in their cuisine the crepe is unique in that it is ultra-flat, made with a very thin batter, and lacks leavening.  As a result, it remains very thin even after cooking.  The original crepe was made of buckwheat, a common crop able to grow well in Brittany’s wet climate, and was a common food staple.  White flour was used starting in the 20th century and made way for sweet crepes rather than the savory made of buckwheat which are sometimes referred to as galettes. Today, crepes are found all over the world.

The world is rich in diversity of culture.  In the United States, there is a meeting of many cultures and the ones people came from can be forgotten over generations.  

We strive to preserve Celtic heritage for Americans of Celtic descent so they may be connected to the threads of their past, present, and future.

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Top Photo: View of the lighthouse phare du petit minou in Plouzane; Photo © daliu80 via 123rf 

Celebration background: Port of Dinan on the Rance estuary  Photo © Daliu80 via 123rf  

Inset: St. Mount Micheal  Photo © by Seongyoung Im on Unsplash

Inset:  Bilingual Road Sign; Photo by Man vyi, Public domain via Wikimedia Commons 

Bottom: Rance River Photo © angelinacec via 123rf