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Cornwall is located in the southwest of England, separated by the Tamar River.


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Rocket Line Apparatus

Photo (c) by humberto chavez

Although George Manby was the first inventor of a mortar-line fired from shore to a sinking ship, it was Henry Trengrouse from Helston, Cornwall that created the Rocket line apparatus 1808, from a ship to shore.

The improved method used a rocket vs a mortar and a chair rather than a cradle. The rocket apparatus was lighter, smaller, more cost effective, and less lines broke. But the big distinction was it could be carried on the ship vs. on shore where previously one could only hope that the mortar and line was close by in case of shipwreck. 

TRansparent Soap

Prior to the invention of Pears, soap was opaque and harsh, many containing ingredients such as lead and arsenic.  

Andrew Pears, born around 1770 in Mevagissey Cornwall, moved to London and opened a barbershop in the affluent Soho area.  Along with cutting hair, Pears created beauty products for his clientele.  He noticed many used his products to cover up damaged skin from the harsh soaps of the time.  Pears went about creating a purified gentle soap using glycerin and created the first transparent soap, still available for purchase today.


    The world is rich in diversity of culture.  In the United States, there is a meeting of many cultures and the ones people came from can be forgotten over generations.  

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    Top Photo: View of St Michael's Mount at sunset Photo ©  valeryegorov

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